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Smithfield | Shabbach Youth Conference

February 21-23, 2020

Dates & Times

  • Feb 21-23, 2020
    5:00am - 11:00pm


Registration will close on January 26.



Shabbach Youth Conferences is where young people come together from all over the country for a high impact, spiritual weekend of worship, ministry, and fun.

Shabbach is much more than games, worship, and speakers…It is a call to a generation to press forward to the amazing plan God has for their lives. It is a call to change the Nations. It is a call to Awakening. It is a call for Reformation and Revival. It is a Generation crying out for God's presence, power, and purpose as we come together to say here we are Lord use me.

The Smithfield Bridge Students will be leaving early in the morning on Friday Feb 21. The students will miss school this day. We are renting a cabin in the Pigeon Forge area and will be attending the Friday Night, Saturday Night, & Sunday Morning Services. We typically return between 8-10 pm on Sunday night. Saturday will be a day where we will do an activity covered with the fee and go sight seeing. Luggage is limited to 1 medium duffel bag per student. Monies will need to be given to the student to cover food and purchases they decide to make. We will have 1 nice sit down meal (typically Saturday Dinner). For any questions please reach out to BrianRobbins@bridgechurch.cc.